Housing Society Management Portal

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    Housing society application is a simple to use software built by people who have run the affairs of large and small housing societies in Pune for more than 6 years. It solves the core problems faced by both the management committee and the members of the society. It is built using open-source technologies and runs on a secure and reliable infrastructure on the Internet.

Setting up Housing Portal

We are glad that you want to try our Society Management application. Please use the Register button to register your housing society.

The Registration can be done by a housing society committee member. Registering your society allows you to manage the society operations and information from anywhere in the world using an Internet browser.

After due verification from our staff, you can either upload data about your society members or invite them to sign up with your society's portal. An invitation email is sent to each member guiding them further about the society management portal.

A society committee member then can add the society's properties such as buildings, row houses, flats etc. by clicking the "Setting" menu.

The society's data such as members, properties, tenants etc. can then be uploaded on the portal. The portal provides facilities to interact with other members, request for services from society offices and management of operations of a society easily. These can be done through menu options such as Helpdesk etc.

The portal provides tools to maintain a directory of all the support staff, maids, utility service provides such as plumbers, electricians, housekeeping staff etc.

The portal also provides easy to use tools to generate reports for compliance with regulations of registrar of societies.